Inventory Control Supervisor

Location: Chicago, IL
Date Posted: 03-28-2013

We specialize in enterprise growth strategy, innovation best practice, customer experience, and insights. We are a devoted firm that takes a handcrafted approach towards achieving results for our clients, which range from multibillion dollar corporations to technology startups. We specialize in industries that experience disruptive price or market pressure change and provide services in many categories, from high technology to commoditized industries. We also have a specialty practice around healthcare where we provide services to large pharmaceutical companies and major healthcare networks.


The ideal candidate will have at least one-year experience and a high school diploma. This position requires the individual to load and unload material within a warehouse or storage facility. Must be able to use hand trucks, forklifts, hoists, conveyors, and other handling equipment to move materials to and from aircraft, trucks or trains within the storage facility. Candidate must also have knowledge of commonly-used practices and procedures within the field or related area. Will be working under immediate supervision and will report to a supervisor or manager.

Candidate must be able to lift about 30 pounds or less, will have a moderate exposure to machinery, chemical, biological and physical risks are anticipated.

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